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    The Community Sciences and Health Outcomes (CSHO) shared resource provides services, education and consultation to foster culturally sensitive research that measurably and efficiently reduces cancer burden among vulnerable populations in Penn State Cancer Institute's catchment area.

    We work closely with cancer investigators and their teams on all aspects of observational and experimental studies that involve patient questionnaires and surveys, social media, biological sample collection and secondary data analysis.

    Established in 2010, the CSHO shared resource provides support to federally funded, peer-reviewed research, as well as pilot and proof-of-concept research. We worked closely with members of each of the three Penn State Cancer Institute research programs of Population Health and Cancer Control, Experimental Therapeutics and Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis.

    In addition, we collaborate with other research institutes at Penn State, including the Clinical and Translational Science Institute, the Social Sciences Research Institute, the Institutes of Energy and the Environment and the Institute for CyberScience.


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