Drug Discovery, Development and Delivery Core

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      The Drug Discovery, Development and Delivery (D4) core offers investigators the ability to test more than 102,000 small compounds for the ability to target an enzyme or other biological target.

      The D4 core houses all the necessary instrumentation and robotics used in traditional medium throughput screening (MTS) and is capable of screening both in vitro and cell-based assays.

      D4 works with investigators to screen libraries from the core for action against their target of interest, and can also screen novel compounds that researchers have identified for activity against select targets. In addition, researchers are also welcome to utilize the equipment in the D4 core for their projects.

      The D4 core can help researchers with the following:

      Assay development/optimization
      Pilot screenings
      Hit validation
      Full screenings
      Data analysis
      Grant assistance, including letters of support, feasibility of primary screens and secondary assay plans for hit and lead follow-up


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