Eye Tracker - Long Range Optics

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      SLEIC 3T MRI Facility Chandlee Laboratory University Park, PA 16802

      United States


    MRI compatible eye tracker using the relay mirror on the head coil by Applied Science Laboratories

    Long range optic eye tracking for use in fMRI paradigms

    ASL Eye Tracking Module mounted behind the scanner
    60 Hz camera
    Uses the same mirror attached to the head coil used for stimulus presentation
    Bright pupil technology used for eye tracking
    Compatible with Matlab and E-Prime

    The long range optic eye tracker system was developed by and purchased from Applied Science Laboratories. This eye tracking system allows researchers to record eye tracking data in an fMRI environment without mounting any technological equipment within the scanner bore. All that is needed inside the scanner bore is the existing relay mirror used for visual paradigm presentation. Data collected using the EyeTrack 6 User Interface program.


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