High Field MRI Facility

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      Chandlee Laboratory University Park, PA 16802

      United States

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    Initially established as the Huck Institute Magnetic Resonance Centre in 2005, the High Field MRI Facility consists of a Varian 7 tesla horizontal magnet and a Varian 14.1 tesla vertical magnet for in vivo imaging and MR microscopy. Both systems are equipped with state of the art direct drive technology consoles. Next to the scanner rooms are animal preparation suits, each suite has a surgical area equipped with a Summit Anaesthesia System, a down/back draft table, a fume hood, and a small animal monitoring system from SAII for ECG, breath, temperature, and blood oxygenation observations. Animal housing is available on the same floor as the MRI systems. Furthermore, we have access to a Bruker 850US 20 tesla system with one of the worlds highest magnetic field strength available to MRI. The system is housed in the Lloyd Jackman Laboratory in the Chemistry Department. An electronics suite (right now in a restructuring process) is also available to create the optimal RF resonator for each project.

    Besides numerous peer reviewed journal articles that originated from our facility, four of them made it to the cover of different journals (see Publications).
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