HUCK-FERM-BioFlo 3000 1-5 L benchtop bioreactor

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      Bioreactor that can be employed for batch or continuous culture with microprocesser control of pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), agitation, temperature, nutrient feed, and electronic foam control

      Batch or continuous bio-culturing#

      The vessel consists of a stainless steel head plate, a flanged glass tube vessel body, four sterilizable polypropylene compression ports, and ports in the headplate for inoculation, base and acid addition, DO and pH probes, a harvest or sampling port, a sparger, etc.
      An agitation shaft with a multi-jaw coupling is run by a removable agitation servo motor, which can be easily disconnected during sterilization. The motor provides a range of agitation speeds from 25-1000 RPM.
      Vessel temperature, pH, and DO can be controlled by a microprocessor based PID (Proportional, and Integral Differential) controller.
      Culture temperature within the range of 20-60°C, with pH within the range of 2.00-12.00, and DO within the range of 5-95%.
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