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      Allows users to perform conventional transmission electron microscopy (TEM) with thin-sectioned specimens, and other transmission electron microscopy with specimens prepared using other methods

      Resolution: 0.15nm lattice
      Accelerating voltage: 40 to 120kV
      Magnification: 50x to 500,000x

      The transmission electron microscope can give you 100 times better resolution than the best light microscope. This is possible because electrons accelerated through a series of electromagnetic lenses behave as if they have extremely short wavelengths and can be focused to form a real, enlarged image in the same way that light can be focused by glass lenses. This short wavelength enables the transmission electron microscope to optically separate two points only 2 angstroms apart!

      Because electrons are so small and light, biological samples must be specifically prepared and cut into 50nm thick slices for viewing in the transmission electron microscope.


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