Keyence BZ-9000 E

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      Featuring all-in-one box, this fully motorized microscope allows for imaging of high quality with BF, phase contrast, and fluorescence modes.
      A Tokai Hit temperature and CO2 gas controller allows live-cell imaging. The system greatly reduces time spent on learning operations and adjustments with the microscope. Its software package includes image stitching, z-stack, multi-color/multi-points time-lapse, movie recording, time-series brightness measurement function, hybrid cell count and macro cell count functions. Real-time 3D module will become very easy with it.

      Keyence BZ-9000E inverted fluorescence phase-contrast microscope
      Objective lenses: Nikon Pl Apo 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x phase, 40x phase, 60x (NA1.4), 100x (NA 1.4)
      Filer Cubes: DAPI, GFP, Texas-R, Cy5
      Multi-color: allows 4 channels
      Modules: Image Stitching, Multipoint time lapse, z-stack, Video recording, Hybrid Cell Count, Macro Cell Count
      CCD Camera: 2/3 inch, 1.5 mp monochrome; colorized with LC filter for color imaging

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