Macromolecular Synthesis Core

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      The Macromolecular Synthesis Core Facility was established in 1987-88, with primary grant support from the National Science Foundation as well as College of Medicine funds. This facility subsequently received grant support from the NIH and the State of Pennsylvania via the Ben Franklin Partnership, and matching funds from the College of Medicine.

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      The Macromolecular Synthesis Core Facility is heavily used, and generates approximately 2,000 oligonucleotides, 100 peptides and 40 protein sequences per year. A wide range of faculty from the College of Medicine use this core lab, as do many outside contractors. The goal has been to offer fair market costs, with the charges for services used to offset chemical and maintenance costs. Funding from NIH, NSF, Tobacco Settlement Funds and State of Pennsylvania grants have helped to provide instrumentation for important new research services.

      Protein Sequencing
      Peptide Synthesis
      Oligonucleotide Synthesis
      Image analysis and Gel Band Quantitation (Instrumentation purchased with Tobacco Settlement Funds)


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