Materials Computation Center

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      The Materials Computation Center is part of the Materials Research Institute N-317 Millennium Science Complex Pollock Road University Park, PA 16802

      United States

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    The Materials Computation Center (MCC) at Penn State primary aim is to support Penn State faculty working in computer-based simulations of materials- across the various length and time scales. This support includes building connections with experimental and industrial partners – specifically connecting to the Nanofabrication and Materials Characterization Laboratories within the Materials Research Institute (MRI) at Penn State.

    For Industry
    Penn State has long ranked among the nation’s top universities in industry-sponsored research, and typically partners with more than 400 companies annually.

    For Experimental Faculty
    The MCC will provide the information needed to add a simulation component to their work.

    For Non-Industry/Non-Penn State
    The MCC is a natural environment for support, training, exchange and extension of existing simulation techniques.


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