Syscal Pro Switch 48 Resistivity - Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization Instrument

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      University Park, PA 16802

      United States

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    The ERI is an all-in-one multi-node resistivity and induction polarization imaging system. The Pro offers a maximum 1,000V transmitting pulse (2,000V peak to peak), at up to 2.5A, for a total of 250W of transmitting power. The multi electrode imaging system supports up to 120 electrodes on a single line at 10m spacing.

    A 10-channel resistivity meter
    Allows for simultaneously obtaining a set of 10 measurements and performs automatic switching of the electrodes
    Equipped with software that allows the user to:
    Create 2D/3D-surface/borehole measurement sequences
    Create some sequences of measurements, manually or automatically (with an estimated maximum investigation depth specified by the user)
    A specific mode that allows for continuous logging, especially dedicated to marine applications
    Example Applications:

    Groundwater mapping
    Fresh/salt water contact determination
    Depth to bedrock measurements
    Thickness of bedrock alterations
    Aquifer layers- determination of depth and thickness
    Pollution monitoring (Jeremy, not sure what pollution monitoring means??)
    Location and imaging of buried structures
    Detection and characterization of sub-surface cavities
    Geotechnical applications-detection/location of clayey layers
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