Zebrafish Functional Genomics Core

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      The Zebrafish Functional Genomics Core at Penn State College of Medicine was established to provide the Penn State research community with a modern, centralized facility for housing, breeding and performing experiments with zebrafish, one of the fastest growing model systems in biomedical research, as well as the intellectual infrastructure to do that work.

      About the Facility
      The Zebrafish Functional Genomics Core is a newly designed facility housing a state-of-the-art Pentair Aquatic Habitats recirculating aquaria, housed in the Department of Comparative Medicine.

      The central housing room is equipped with 32 racks of recirculating aquaria, able to accommodate any combination of 1, 3 and 10 liter tanks.

      Other facilities include twin 16-rack recirculating systems with independent filtration/purification, an isolated quarantine room with three stand-alone housing systems, a sentinel pathogen-monitoring program, a procedure room and three independently controlled light-tight breeding cabinets.

      See photos of the facility taken during its April 2016 grand opening.

      The Zebrafish Functional Genomics Core provides a variety of instrumentation for microinjection and fluorescence imaging.
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