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Clean Transfer of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Using Cellulose Acetate for Atomic Resolution Characterizations

Zhang, T., Fujisawa, K., Granzier-Nakajima, T., Zhang, F., Lin, Z., Kahn, E., Perea-López, N., Elías, A. L., Yeh, Y. T. & Terrones, M., Aug 23 2019, In : ACS Applied Nano Materials. 2, 8, p. 5320-5328 9 p.

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Transition metals
Chemical vapor deposition
Polymethyl Methacrylate
Polymethyl methacrylates

Clonal diversity impacts coral cover in Acropora cervicornisthickets: Potential relationships between density, growth, and polymorphisms

Drury, C., Greer, J. B., Baums, I., Gintert, B. & Lirman, D., Apr 2019, In : Ecology and Evolution. 9, 8, p. 4518-4531 14 p.

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coral reefs

Clustering via finite nonparametric ICA mixture models

Zhu, X. & Hunter, D. R., Mar 8 2019, In : Advances in Data Analysis and Classification. 13, 1, p. 65-87 23 p.

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Independent component analysis
Independent Component Analysis
Mixture Model
Conditional Independence

Coarse-graining Langevin dynamics using reduced-order techniques

Ma, L., Li, X. & Liu, C., Mar 1 2019, In : Journal of Computational Physics. 380, p. 170-190 21 p.

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Langevin Dynamics
Reduced Model
Moment Matching

C-O Bond Dissociation and Induced Chemical Ionization Using High Energy (CO2)n+ Gas Cluster Ion Beam

Tian, H., Maciążek, D., Postawa, Z., Garrison, B. J. & Winograd, N., Mar 15 2019, In : Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 30, 3, p. 476-481 6 p.

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Ion beams
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Co-expression networks provide insights into molecular mechanisms of postharvest temperature modulation of apple fruit to reduce superficial scald

Honaas, L. A., Hargarten, H. L., Ficklin, S. P., Hadish, J. A., Wafula, E., Depamphilis, C. W., Mattheis, J. P. & Rudell, D. R., Mar 1 2019, In : Postharvest Biology and Technology. 149, p. 27-41 15 p.

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fruit quality
fruit peels
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Collision-energy dependence of pt correlations in Au + Au collisions at energies available at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

STAR Collaboration, Apr 26 2019, In : Physical Review C. 99, 4, 044918.

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heavy ions
CERES (experiment)
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Collisionless shock heating of heavy ions in SN 1987A

Miceli, M., Orlando, S., Burrows, D. N., Frank, K. A., Argiroffi, C., Reale, F., Peres, G., Petruk, O. & Bocchino, F., Mar 1 2019, In : Nature Astronomy. 3, 3, p. 236-241 6 p.

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shock heating
heavy ions
supernova remnants

Combinatory Analysis 2018: In Honor of George Andrews’ 80th Birthday

Alladi, K., Berndt, B., Paule, P., Sellers, J. & Yee, A. J., Nov 1 2019, In : Annals of Combinatorics. 23, 3-4, p. 425-426 2 p.

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Tensor Product
Regression Model
Function Space

Commitment Isn't for Everyone

Josling, G. A. & Llinás, M., Jun 2019, In : Trends in Parasitology. 35, 6, p. 381-383 3 p.

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Comparación del comportamiento de producción de empresas aversas al arrepentimiento y aversas al riesgo

Translated title of the contribution: Comparison of the production behavior of regret-averse and purely risk-averse firmsGuo, X. & Wong, W. K., Dec 2019, In : Estudios de Economia. 46, 2, p. 157-161 5 p.

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Comparative statics

Comparative genomics of the genus Methanohalophilus, including a newly isolated strain from Kebrit deep in the Red Sea

Guan, Y., Ngugi, D. K., Vinu, M., Blom, J., Alam, I., Guillot, S., Ferry, J. G. & Stingl, U., Jan 1 2019, In : Frontiers in Microbiology. 10, APR, 839.

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Indian Ocean
Carbon Cycle
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Comparative Metabolomics of Early Development of the Parasitic Plants Phelipanche aegyptiaca and Triphysaria versicolor

Clermont, K., Collakova, E., Westwood, J. H., Yang, Z., dePamphilis, C. W. & Yoder, J. I., Jan 1 2019, In : Metabolites. 9, 6, 114.

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Plant Development
Aspartic Acid
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Comparison of herpes simplex virus 1 strains circulating in Finland demonstrates the uncoupling of whole-genome relatedness and phenotypic outcomes of viral infection

Bowen, C. D., Paavilainen, H., Renner, D. W., Palomäki, J., Lehtinen, J., Vuorinen, T., Norberg, P., Hukkanen, V. & Szpara, M. L., Jan 1 2019, In : Journal of virology. 93, 8, Y.

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Human herpesvirus 1
Human Herpesvirus 1
Virus Diseases
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Competing Polar and Antipolar Structures in the Ruddlesden-Popper Layered Perovskite Li2SrNb2O7

Uppuluri, R., Akamatsu, H., Sen Gupta, A., Wang, H., Brown, C. M., Agueda Lopez, K. E., Alem, N., Gopalan, V. & Mallouk, T. E., Jun 25 2019, In : Chemistry of Materials. 31, 12, p. 4418-4425 8 p.

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Antiferroelectric materials
Neutron diffraction

Complex immune responses and molecular reactions to pathogens and disease in a desert reptile (Gopherus agassizii)

Drake, K. K., Aiello, C. M., Bowen, L., Lewison, R. L., Esque, T. C., Nussear, K. E., Waters, S. C. & Hudson, P. J., Mar 2019, In : Ecology and Evolution. 9, 5, p. 2516-2534 19 p.

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Mycoplasma agassizii
Gopherus agassizii
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Complex networks from classical to quantum

Biamonte, J., Faccin, M. & De Domenico, M., Dec 1 2019, In : Communications Physics. 2, 1, 53.

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quantum computers
complex systems

Comprehensive magnetic phase diagrams of the polar metal C a3(R u0.95 F e0.05)2 O7

Lei, S., Chikara, S., Puggioni, D., Peng, J., Zhu, M., Gu, M., Zhao, W., Wang, Y., Yuan, Y., Akamatsu, H., Chan, M. H. W., Ke, X., Mao, Z., Rondinelli, J. M., Jaime, M., Singleton, J., Weickert, F., Zapf, V. S. & Gopalan, V., Jun 10 2019, In : Physical Review B. 99, 22, 224411.

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Phase diagrams
phase diagrams
space temperature
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Computational Causal Modeling of the Dynamic Biomarker Cascade in Alzheimer's Disease

Petrella, J. R., Hao, W., Rao, A., Doraiswamy, P. M. & Li, S., Jan 1 2019, In : Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine. 2019, 6216530.

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Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer Disease
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Computer Model Calibration Based on Image Warping Metrics: An Application for Sea Ice Deformation

Guan, Y., Sampson, C., Tucker, J. D., Chang, W., Mondal, A., Haran, M. & Sulsky, D., Sep 15 2019, In : Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics. 24, 3, p. 444-463 20 p.

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Image Warping
Sea Ice
Ice Cover
Sea ice
Model Calibration

Concise Synthesis of a Potential 5-Lipoxygenase Activating Protein (FLAP) Inhibitor and Its Analogs through Late-Stage Alkene Dicarbofunctionalization

Kc, S., Dhungana, R. K., Aryal, V. & Giri, R., Aug 16 2019, In : Organic Process Research and Development. 23, 8, p. 1686-1694 9 p.

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5-Lipoxygenase-Activating Protein Inhibitors
5-Lipoxygenase-Activating Proteins

Concurrent assessment of epidemiological and operational uncertainties for optimal outbreak control: Ebola as a case study

Li, S. L., Ferrari, M. J., Bjørnstad, O. N., Runge, M. C., Fonnesbeck, C. J., Tildesley, M. J., Pannell, D. & Shea, K., Jun 26 2019, In : Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 286, 1905, 20190774.

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Disease Outbreaks
case studies

Conformally variational riemannian invariants

Case, J. S., Lin, Y. J. & Yuan, W., Jan 1 2019, In : Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. 371, 11, p. 8217-8254 38 p.

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Scalar Curvature
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Confronting models with data: The challenges of estimating disease spillover

Cross, P. C., Prosser, D. J., Ramey, A. M., Hanks, E. M. & Pepin, K. M., Sep 30 2019, In : Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 374, 1782, 20180435.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Information Systems
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Congruences for overpartitions with restricted odd differences

Hirschhorn, M. D. & Sellers, J. A., Jan 1 2019, In : Ramanujan Journal.

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Generating Function
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Congruences related to an eighth order mock theta function of Gordon and McIntosh

Brietzke, E. H. M., da Silva, R. & Sellers, J. A., Nov 1 2019, In : Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 479, 1, p. 62-89 28 p.

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Mock theta Functions
Elementary Functions
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Conjugated Block Copolymers as Model Systems to Examine Mechanisms of Charge Generation in Donor–Acceptor Materials

Aplan, M. P., Grieco, C., Lee, Y., Munro, J. M., Lee, W., Gray, J. L., Seibers, Z. D., Kuei, B., Litofsky, J. H., Kilbey, S. M., Wang, Q., Dabo, I., Asbury, J. B. & Gomez, E. D., Jan 4 2019, In : Advanced Functional Materials. 29, 1, 1804858.

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block copolymers
Block copolymers
Charge transfer
charge transfer
Dynamic Networks
Network Topology
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Considerations for maximizing the adaptive potential of restored coral populations in the western Atlantic

Baums, I. B., Baker, A. C., Davies, S. W., Grottoli, A. G., Kenkel, C. D., Kitchen, S. A., Kuffner, I. B., LaJeunesse, T. C., Matz, M. V., Miller, M. W., Parkinson, J. E. & Shantz, A. A., Dec 1 2019, In : Ecological Applications. 29, 8, e01978.

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population genetics
vegetative propagation
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Constraining exoplanet metallicities and aerosols with the contribution to ARIEL spectroscopy of exoplanets (CASE)

Zellem, R. T., Swain, M. R., Cowan, N. B., Bryden, G., Komacek, T. D., Colavita, M., Ardila, D., Roudier, G. M., Fortney, J. J., Bean, J., Line, M. R., Griffith, C. A., Shkolnik, E. L., Kreidberg, L., Moses, J. I., Showman, A. P., Stevenson, K. B., Wong, A., Chapman, J. W., Ciardi, D. R. & 7 others, Howard, A. W., Kataria, T., Kempton, E. M. R., Latham, D., Mahadevan, S., Meléndez, J. & Parmentier, V., Sep 2019, In : Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 131, 1003, 094401.

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extrasolar planets
remote sensing
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Constraining the p-Mode-g-Mode Tidal Instability with GW170817

LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration, Feb 13 2019, In : Physical Review Letters. 122, 6, 061104.

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gravitational waves
neutron stars
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Constraints on Minute-Scale Transient Astrophysical Neutrino Sources

Aartsen, M. G., Ackermann, M., Adams, J., Aguilar, J. A., Ahlers, M., Ahrens, M., Al Samarai, I., Altmann, D., Andeen, K., Anderson, T., Ansseau, I., Anton, G., Argüelles, C., Auffenberg, J., Axani, S., Backes, P., Bagherpour, H., Bai, X., Barbano, A., Barron, J. P. & 315 others, Barwick, S. W., Baum, V., Bay, R., Beatty, J. J., Becker Tjus, J., Becker, K. H., Benzvi, S., Berley, D., Bernardini, E., Besson, D. Z., Binder, G., Bindig, D., Blaufuss, E., Blot, S., Bohm, C., Börner, M., Bos, F., Böser, S., Botner, O., Bourbeau, E., Bourbeau, J., Bradascio, F., Braun, J., Brenzke, M., Bretz, H. P., Bron, S., Brostean-Kaiser, J., Burgman, A., Busse, R. S., Carver, T., Cheung, E., Chirkin, D., Christov, A., Clark, K., Classen, L., Collin, G. H., Conrad, J. M., Coppin, P., Correa, P., Cowen, D. F., Cross, R., Dave, P., Day, M., De André, J. P. A. M., De Clercq, C., Delaunay, J. J., Dembinski, H., Deoskar, K., De Ridder, S., Desiati, P., De Vries, K. D., De Wasseige, G., De With, M., Deyoung, T., Díaz-Vélez, J. C., Di Lorenzo, V., Dujmovic, H., Dumm, J. P., Dunkman, M., Dvorak, E., Eberhardt, B., Ehrhardt, T., Eichmann, B., Eller, P., Evans, P. A., Evenson, P. A., Fahey, S., Fazely, A. R., Felde, J., Filimonov, K., Finley, C., Franckowiak, A., Friedman, E., Fritz, A., Gaisser, T. K., Gallagher, J., Ganster, E., Gerhardt, L., Ghorbani, K., Giang, W., Glauch, T., Glüsenkamp, T., Goldschmidt, A., Gonzalez, J. G., Grant, D., Griffith, Z., Haack, C., Hallgren, A., Halve, L., Halzen, F., Hanson, K., Hebecker, D., Heereman, D., Helbing, K., Hellauer, R., Hickford, S., Hignight, J., Hill, G. C., Hoffman, K. D., Hoffmann, R., Hoinka, T., Hokanson-Fasig, B., Hoshina, K., Huang, F., Huber, M., Hultqvist, K., Hünnefeld, M., Hussain, R., In, S., Iovine, N., Ishihara, A., Jacobi, E., Japaridze, G. S., Jeong, M., Jero, K., Jones, B. J. P., Kalaczynski, P., Kang, W., Kappes, A., Kappesser, D., Karg, T., Karle, A., Katz, U., Kauer, M., Keivani, A., Kelley, J. L., Kheirandish, A., Kim, J., Kintscher, T., Kiryluk, J., Kittler, T., Klein, S. R., Koirala, R., Kolanoski, H., Köpke, L., Kopper, C., Kopper, S., Koschinsky, J. P., Koskinen, D. J., Kowalski, M., Krings, K., Kroll, M., Krückl, G., Kunwar, S., Kurahashi, N., Kyriacou, A., Labare, M., Lanfranchi, J. L., Larson, M. J., Lauber, F., Leonard, K., Leuermann, M., Liu, Q. R., Lohfink, E., Lozano Mariscal, C. J., Lu, L., Lünemann, J., Luszczak, W., Madsen, J., Maggi, G., Mahn, K. B. M., Makino, Y., Mancina, S., Mariş, I. C., Maruyama, R., Mase, K., Maunu, R., Meagher, K., Medici, M., Meier, M., Menne, T., Merino, G., Meures, T., Miarecki, S., Micallef, J., Momenté, G., Montaruli, T., Moore, R. W., Moulai, M., Nagai, R., Nahnhauer, R., Nakarmi, P., Naumann, U., Neer, G., Niederhausen, H., Nowicki, S. C., Nygren, D. R., Obertacke Pollmann, A., Olivas, A., O'Murchadha, A., Osborne, J. P., O'Sullivan, E., Palczewski, T., Pandya, H., Pankova, D. V., Peiffer, P., Pepper, J. A., Pérez De Los Heros, C., Pieloth, D., Pinat, E., Pizzuto, A., Plum, M., Price, P. B., Przybylski, G. T., Raab, C., Rameez, M., Rauch, L., Rawlins, K., Rea, I. C., Reimann, R., Relethford, B., Renzi, G., Resconi, E., Rhode, W., Richman, M., Robertson, S., Rongen, M., Rott, C., Ruhe, T., Ryckbosch, D., Rysewyk, D., Safa, I., Sanchez Herrera, S. E., Sandrock, A., Sandroos, J., Santander, M., Sarkar, S., Sarkar, S., Satalecka, K., Schaufel, M., Schlunder, P., Schmidt, T., Schneider, A., Schneider, J., Schöneberg, S., Schumacher, L., Sclafani, S., Seckel, D., Seunarine, S., Soedingrekso, J., Soldin, D., Song, M., Spiczak, G. M., Spiering, C., Stachurska, J., Stamatikos, M., Stanev, T., Stasik, A., Stein, R., Stettner, J., Steuer, A., Stezelberger, T., Stokstad, R. G., Stößl, A., Strotjohann, N. L., Stuttard, T., Sullivan, G. W., Sutherland, M., Taboada, I., Tenholt, F., Ter-Antonyan, S., Terliuk, A., Tilav, S., Toale, P. A., Tobin, M. N., Tönnis, C., Toscano, S., Tosi, D., Tselengidou, M., Tung, C. F., Turcati, A., Turley, C. F., Ty, B., Unger, E., Unland Elorrieta, M. A., Usner, M., Vandenbroucke, J., Van Driessche, W., Van Eijk, D., Van Eijndhoven, N., Vanheule, S., Van Santen, J., Vraeghe, M., Walck, C., Wallace, A., Wallraff, M., Wandler, F. D., Wandkowsky, N., Watson, T. B., Waza, A., Weaver, C., Weiss, M. J., Wendt, C., Werthebach, J., Westerhoff, S., Whelan, B. J., Whitehorn, N., Wiebe, K., Wiebusch, C. H., Wille, L., Williams, D. R., Wills, L., Wolf, M., Wood, J., Wood, T. R., Woolsey, E., Woschnagg, K., Wrede, G., Xu, D. L., Xu, X. W., Xu, Y., Yanez, J. P., Yodh, G., Yoshida, S. & Yuan, T., Feb 6 2019, In : Physical Review Letters. 122, 5, 051102.

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gamma ray bursts
energy sources
neutron stars

Constructing a confidence interval for the fraction who benefit from treatment, using randomized trial data

Huang, E. J., Fang, E. X., Hanley, D. F. & Rosenblum, M., Dec 1 2019, In : Biometrics. 75, 4, p. 1228-1239 12 p.

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Randomized Trial
Potential Outcomes
Confidence interval
confidence interval
Confidence Intervals

Construction of optimal run order in design of experiments

Peng, J. & Lin, D. K. J., Jan 1 2019, In : Journal of Quality Technology. 51, 2, p. 159-170 12 p.

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Design of experiments
Traveling salesman problem
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Context matters: Using reinforcement learning to develop human-readable, state-dependent outbreak response policies

Probert, W. J. M., Lakkur, S., Fonnesbeck, C. J., Shea, K., Runge, M. C., Tildesley, M. J. & Ferrari, M. J., Jan 1 2019, In : Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 374, 1776, 20180277.

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Open Access
Reinforcement learning
Disease Outbreaks
infectious diseases

Continuum Approximations to Systems of Correlated Interacting Particles

Berlyand, L., Creese, R., Jabin, P. E. & Potomkin, M., Feb 28 2019, In : Journal of Statistical Physics. 174, 4, p. 808-829 22 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

BBGKY Hierarchy
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Continuum Gating Current Models Computed with Consistent Interactions

Horng, T. L., Eisenberg, R. S., Liu, C. & Bezanilla, F., Jan 22 2019, In : Biophysical journal. 116, 2, p. 270-282 13 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Membrane Potentials
Action Potentials
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Contrasting Responses of Lizards to Divergent Ecological Stressors across Biological Levels of Organization

Telemeco, R. S., Simpson, D. Y., Tylan, C., Langkilde, T. & Schwartz, T. S., Aug 1 2019, In : Integrative and comparative biology. 59, 2, p. 292-305 14 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

stress response
Sceloporus undulatus
Solenopsis invicta
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Controlled Rapid Formation of Polyurethane at 700 K: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Consequences of Extreme Photothermal Heating

Van Burns, E. N. & Lear, B. J., Jun 13 2019, In : Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 123, 23, p. 14774-14780 7 p.

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Controlling nitrogen doping in graphene with atomic precision: Synthesis and characterization

Granzier-Nakajima, T., Fujisawa, K., Anil, V., Terrones, M. & Yeh, Y. T., Mar 2019, In : Nanomaterials. 9, 3, 425.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Open Access
Doping (additives)

Convergent evolution of hetero-oligomeric cellulose synthesis complexes in mosses and seed plants

Li, X., Speicher, T. L., Dees, D. C. T., Mansoori, N., McManus, J. B., Tien, M., Trindade, L. M., Wallace, I. S. & Roberts, A. W., Jan 1 2019, In : Plant Journal. 99, 5, p. 862-876 15 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

convergent evolution
mosses and liverworts
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Convergent horizontal gene transfer and cross-talk of mobile nucleic acids in parasitic plants

Yang, Z., Wafula, E. K., Kim, G., Shahid, S., McNeal, J. R., Ralph, P. E., Timilsena, P. R., Yu, W. B., Kelly, E. A., Zhang, H., Person, T. N., Altman, N. S., Axtell, M. J., Westwood, J. H. & dePamphilis, C. W., Sep 1 2019, In : Nature Plants. 5, 9, p. 991-1001 11 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

parasitic plants
nucleic acids
Cuscuta campestris

Coordinated Network Changes across the Catalytic Cycle of Alpha Tryptophan Synthase

O'Rourke, K. F., Sahu, D., Bosken, Y. K., D'Amico, R. N., Chang, C. E. A. & Boehr, D. D., Sep 3 2019, In : Structure. 27, 9, p. 1405-1415.e5

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Tryptophan Synthase
Amino Acids
Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Toll-Like Receptor 2
Listeria monocytogenes
Open Access
Physical chemistry
Proton transfer
physical chemistry
Ground state
Open Access
Circle Map
Fuchsian Group
Torsion-free Group
Natural Extension