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Cross-sector leadership for the green economy: Integrating research and practice on sustainable enterprise

Marcus, A., Shrivastava, P., Sharma, S. & Pogutz, S., Jan 18 2016, Palgrave Macmillan. 326 p.

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Law, business and human rights: Bridging the gap

Bird, R. C., Cahoy, D. R. & Prenkert, J. D., Jul 25 2014, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 269 p.

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The changing face of us patent law and its impact on business strategy

Cahoy, D. R. & Oswald, L. J., Apr 30 2013, Edward Elgar Publishing. 239 p.

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Cheating in college: Why students do it and what educators can do about it

McCabe, D. L., Butterfield, K. D. & Treviño, L. K., Dec 1 2012, The Johns Hopkins University Press. 225 p.

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Statistical Methods in Customer Relationship Management

Kumar, V. & Petersen, J. A., Aug 7 2012, John Wiley and Sons.

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The connected customer: The changing nature of consumer and business markets

Wuyts, S., Dekimpe, M. G., Gijsbrechts, E. & Pieters, R., Jan 1 2011, Taylor and Francis. 353 p.

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Strategic Leadership: Theory and Research on Executives, Top Management Teams, and Boards

Cannella, B., Finkelstein, S. & Hambrick, D. C., Jan 1 2009, Oxford University Press. 448 p.

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Household credit usage: Personal debt and mortgages

Agarwal, S., Ambrose, B. W. & Campbell, J. Y., Jan 1 2007, Palgrave Macmillan. 290 p.

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