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Defense against Biowarfare and Emerging Infection Agents

Schmitt, A. P., Rothman, R., Snyder, J., Cohen, G., Levine, M., Doms, R. W., Nau, G., Zhu, J. U. N., Cherry, S., White, J. M., O'Brien, A. D., Cross, A. S., Bushman, F., Sztein, M. B., Barry, E. M., Guerrant, R., De Tolla, L. J., Ross, S., Broder, C., Geddes, C. D., Mc Clane, B., Vogel, S. N., Hewlett, E., Isaacs, S. N., Constantine, N., Tessier, J., Yang, S., Murphey-Corb, M., Kotloff, K. L., Hotez, P., Stibitz, S., Sobral, B., Bates, P. & Petri, W.

National Institutes of Health


Project: Research project