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The Southeastern Consortium for Microscopy of MacroMolecular Machines

Kelly, D., Bullitt, E., Dokland, T., Jiang, Q. X., Liu, J., OHI, M. D., Radermacher, M., Schmidt-Krey, I., Sindelar, C. V., Stewart, P., Taylor, K. A. & Wright, E.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences


Project: Research project

Sleep, Aging and Circadian Rhythm Disorders

Buxton, O. M., Klerman, E., Saper, C., Duffy, J., Aeschbach, D., Czeisler, C. & Czeisler, C.


Project: Research project

Mammalian Polyamine Metabolism

Pegg, A.

National Cancer Institute


Project: Research project

Generation and Characterization of MORIP Transgenic Mice

Levenson, R., Ferraro, T., Berrettini, W. & Berrettini, W.

National Institute on Drug Abuse


Project: Research project