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Lymphoma Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE)

Hohl, R., Weiner, G., Weiner, G., WITZIG, T., CERHAN, J., ANSELL, S., RATLIFF, T., Dogan, A., GEYER, S. M. & LINK, B.

National Cancer Institute


Project: Research project

Snuff carcinogenesis in the oral cavity

Richie, J., Hoffman, D. & EL-BAYOUMY, K.

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research


Project: Research project

Forecasting tipping points in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases

Ferrari, M. J., Drake, J., Epureanu, B., Park, A. & Rohani, P.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences


Project: Research project

Center for Public Genomics 2.0

Vess, T. J., COOK-DEEGAN, R. M., RAI, A., COOK-DEEGAN, R. M., Angrist, M., Arora, A., BESKOW, L. & DAME, L.

National Human Genome Research Institute


Project: Research project