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Training: Molecular &Cellular Bases of Infectious Diseases

Rasgon, J. L., Agre, P., BREAM, J., Coppens, I., Dimopoulos, G., Dinglasan, R. D. R., Glass, G., Griffin, D., HARDWICK, M., Hoiczyk, E., Jacobs-Lorena, M., Ketner, G., Klein, S., Kumar, N., Levitskaia, E., MARGOLICK, J., MARKHAM, R., Moss, W., Norris, D., PEKOSZ, A., Pineda, F. J., Prigge, S. T., ROSE, N., Scott, A., Shiff, C., Yu, X. F., Zavala, F. & Zhang, Y.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


Project: Research project

Examining Tolerance to CNS Stimulants in ADD

Waxmonsky, J., Pelham, W. & Swanson, J.

National Institute of Mental Health


Project: Research project

NIAMS: CORT - Genetic Dissection of SLE--From Mouse to Man

Olsen, N., Wandstrat, A., Davis, L., Pascual, M. V., Karp, D., Mohan, C., Mohan, C. & Li, Q.

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases


Project: Research project

Generation and Characterization of MORIP Transgenic Mice

Levenson, R., Ferraro, T., Berrettini, W. & Berrettini, W.

National Institute on Drug Abuse


Project: Research project