A Self-regulating Compiler Framework for NoC Based CMPs

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Excessive power consumption is becoming an increasingly important issue for our nation. Major companies, data processing centers, and government labs are currently spending billions of dollars to cool and power their computing infrastructures. In addition, excessive power consumption by a computer leads to very high temperatures, eventually affecting its reliability. This research involves developing novel, software-based approaches to reduce power consumption and to mitigate associated thermal issues, while still maintaining high performance. The investigators focus on runtime adaptation techniques for NoC (Network-on-Chip) based CMP (Chip Multiprocessor) systems. The developed techniques are part of a dynamic compiler which observes both application and machine status at runtime, and adapts execution automatically to dynamically changing conditions using a set of helper threads. These helper threads and application threads share the same CMP/NoC resources, and cooperate and adapt at runtime to ensure power consumption is under control, no thermal limits are exceeded, and the required level of performance is maintained.

Effective start/end date7/1/076/30/11


  • National Science Foundation: $375,000.00
  • National Science Foundation: $375,000.00


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