Acquisition of Next Generation Terrestrial Laser Scanning Systems for Community Earth and Polar Science Research

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This EAR/Instrumentation and Facilities Program grant supports acquisition of two terrestrial laser scanners (TLS) and associated digital photography equipment to be incorporated into a current pool of five UNAVCO facility TLS system available for loan to the broader geoscience community. The TLS system will support research and research training that requires the capability to rapidly map the surface topography of landforms, structure and vegetation with high spatial resolution (mm) in a well constrained positional reference frame. The TLS systems will be available to support a wide range of geoscience and broader applications including studies of transient surface features (e.g, landslides), barrier beach processes, studies of earthquake rupture geometry and processes; volcanic deformation, bridge deformation in response to dynamic earth processes, tsunami generated landforms and related features, glacier topography, geological outcrop mapping, archaeological mapping and plant ecology. The instruments will: 1) replace an aged and recently retired TLS system originally purchased with support from by OPP for polar project deployments; and 2) augment the current TLS pool with new technologies and a variety of new capabilities including longer range, full waveform digitization and more rapid scanning rates. The systems will support geoscience education through incorporation into field camp exercises using TLS.


Effective start/end date4/1/133/31/16


  • National Science Foundation: $399,836.00


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