• Ewing, Andrew (PI)
  • Ewing, Andrew (PI)
  • Ewing, Andrew (PI)
  • Ewing, Andrew (PI)

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This proposal concerns the development and characterization of
bioanalytical methods based primarily upon microcolumn separation
techniques. The systems we are interested in are neurochemical in nature.
This is a methods development oriented proposal. We plan to investigate
the use of a carbon film electrode as an on-column electrochemical detector
for microcolumn liquid separation schemes. This detector is extremely
sensitive, should be applicable to any size column and application to
capillary zone electrophoresis is feasible. The use of capillary zone
electrophoresis for schemes involving neurochemically interesting compounds
is planned with both laser fluorescence and electrochemical detection.
Lastly, we propose to use electroosmotic flow to acquire extremely small
volume samples and to "inject" these samples onto the capillary
electrophoresis column. A similar scheme will be used to carry out in vivo
perfusion experiments on rats. These experiments can be carried out with
side-by-side capillaries drawn out to only a few microns in diamter.
Effective start/end date12/31/896/30/99


  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences


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