CAREER: Sensor-based Modeling and Control of Nonlinear Dynamics in Complex Systems for Quality Improvements in Manufacturing and Healthcare

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This Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program grant will create a sensor-based nonlinear dynamics methodology for real-time system informatics, monitoring, and control. Nonlinear dynamics arise whenever multifarious entities of a system cooperate, compete, or interfere. In order to cope with system complexity and dynamic environments, modern industries are investing in a variety of advanced sensing systems. Effective monitoring and control of nonlinear dynamics will increase system quality and integrity, thereby leading to significant economic and societal impacts. For example, advancing sensing, measurement and process control in manufacturing industries will improve the overall quality and productivity, which is essential to achieving competitive advantage in advanced manufacturing. However, there is a critical gap in the knowledge base that pertains to integrating nonlinear dynamics research with quality engineering. This award supports fundamental research for new methodological development and curriculum innovation to vertically advance the scientific base of sensor-based modeling and control of complex systems. Integrated with the research is an ambitious education plan aiming at training the next generation of engineers to bring nonlinear thinking into advanced sensing, system informatics and control. Broad impacts will also be generated through developing curriculum modules, creating a museum exhibit, developing outreach workshops, as well as actively recruiting and involving under-represented students.

Nonlinear dynamics in complex systems pose significant challenges for quality engineering. Real-time sensing of complex systems gives rise to big data. Realizing the full potential of big data for quality control requires fundamentally new methodologies to harness and exploit complexity. Many industries, including manufacturing and healthcare, have identified the urgent need to harness and exploit nonlinear dynamics for creating new products (or services) with exceptional features such as adaptation, customization, responsiveness, and quality in unprecedented scales. The success of this research project will advance the scientific base of modeling and control of complex systems by contributing new 'nonlinear dynamics' concepts, methods and algorithms. In addition, this research will enrich the theory of nonlinear dynamics and expand its research domain to interdisciplinary applications in both manufacturing and healthcare. The research methodologies are also generally applicable to a wide variety of complex systems exhibiting nonlinear dynamics such as heart, brain, precision machining, biomanufacturing, and nanomanufacturing.

Effective start/end date3/1/151/31/16


  • National Science Foundation: $500,000.00


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