Cation Separations Using New Swelling Micas

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Proposal No.: CTS-9911580

Proposal Type: Investigator Initiated - Renewal

Principal Investigators: Sridhar Komarneni

Institution: Penn State University

Title: Cation Separations Using New Swelling Micas

The objective of this project is to synthesize cost-effectively Na-2-mica and Na-3-mica with theoretical exchange capacities of about 230 and 345 meq/100g, respectively, to characterize the phases by a battery of techniques including 27Al and 29Si MASNMR spectroscopy, and to investigate their actual cation exchange capacities and equilibria (selectivity). Exchange equilibria will be determined on synthetic micas for ions such as Sr2+, Ra2+, Ba2+, Cs+, Cu2+ and Pb2+. The structures of the novel Na-2-mica and Na-3-mica exchangers will be determined by 27Al and 29Si magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in order to relate their structures to their properties (selectivities). We will also investigate the acid and temperature stability of these materials for practical applications and the reversible recovery of selected metals such as Cu by changing temperature, pH, etc., and by complexation.

The results of the study should contribute much to basic understanding of the ion-exchange behavior of novel swelling micas. Such materials offer potentially important waste-disposal applications, such as high ion selectivity for separation and fixation of radioactive and other hazardous ions. The fundamental knowledge gained here may also lead to applications in metals recovery from solubilized ores or waste water, in catalysis, as well as in waste remediation processes. For example, the materials developed here might be used as permeable reactive walls that trap radioactive and other hazardous ions but transmit clean water.

Effective start/end date4/1/003/31/03


  • National Science Foundation: $120,000.00


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