Cation Separations with High Capacity Swelling Micas

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Proposal Title: Cation Separations with High Capacity Swelling Micas

Proposal Number: CTS-0242285

Principal Investigator: Sridhar Komarneni

Institution: Pennsylvania State University

The objective of the proposed research is to synthesize and characterize novel micas for use as cation-exchange materials. In previous work, micas with both tetrahedral and octahedral negative charge were synthesized. The location of the charge is expected to have implications for capacity as well as selectivity of ions. In the present work fundamental cation-exchange and equilibria in sodium-based mica exchangers with both tetrahedral and octahedral negative charges will be investigated. Exchange kinetics and equilibria involving ions such as cesium, strontium, barium, radium, copper, nickel, and zinc will be investigated. Micas will be characterized using X-ray powder diffraction, infrared absorption spectroscopy, differential thermal analysis, and scanning electron microscopy. In terms of the broader impacts, the studies may lead to applications in metal recovery, catalysis, and wastewater treatment. Because micas are stable structures, they are candidates for use in remediation of sites contaminated by radioactive species. The educational component will involve the normal mentorin

Effective start/end date3/15/032/28/07


  • National Science Foundation: $205,295.00


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