CEDAR: Mesospheric and Lower Thermospheric Ducting of Gravity Waves Generated by Tropospheric Convection

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    Small-scale, convectively-forced, ducted gravity waves are characterized using 2D and 3D nonlinear numerical models, with the goal of comparing model gravity wave phenomena to data from altitudes where gravity waves are commonly imaged. A preliminary task characterizes the structure, directionality, and effect of a thunderstorm generated gravity wave when ducted into the mesosphere and ultimately to about 87 km (the airglow layer). A second task characterizes the morphology of atmospheric "bore-like" waves as a general phenomenon within an idealized atmosphere. The applicability of that general model to observed mesospheric bores is investigated. A final task determines how linear and nonlinear gravity wave phenomena perturb both the OI 557.7 nm and OH Meinel airglow layers.

    Effective start/end date1/1/0512/31/07


    • National Science Foundation: $206,316.00
    • National Science Foundation: $206,316.00


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