Collaborative Research: A Reaction Kinetics Database for Modeling Biogeochemical Systems

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Understanding how quickly environmental reactions take place is the goal of EarthKin, a

geochemical database focusing on the rates of geochemical reactions. EarthKin

scientists from University of Maine, Penn State, Columbia, and Saint Francis University

will compile existing reaction rates into a one-stop database that will allow access to

researchers working on a diverse range of projects ranging from removing carbon

dioxide from the atmosphere and permanently storing it beneath the ground to cleaning

up contaminated environmental sites. When completed EarthKin will be available to

scientists free via the web at Not only will we compile existing

data, but we will also encourage new researchers to become involved by uploading their

new results into the database.

Recent advances in geoinformatics (the subdiscipline of developing technological

and computation tools to facilitate information dissemination in the geosciences) have

drastically increased access that researchers have to geological information. Many

recent endeavors have focused on online publishing of large data sets in order to make

data available to the wider community. EarthKin is especially interesting in that it is one

of the first attempts to include experimental data in a web-based data management

platform. To do this, we will need to build new tools and data structures that will allow

the existing EarthChem platform to incorporate a new type of data.

Effective start/end date9/1/118/31/12


  • National Science Foundation: $18,428.00


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