Collaborative Research: Laboratory Studies of Formation, Aging and Physicochemical Properties of Atmospheric Organic Particulate Matter

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The overall goal of this project is to reduce uncertainties related to the formation, oxidative aging, and cloud condensation nucleus (CCN) activity of organic aerosol particles, thereby providing a more reliable base for modeling and predicting climate change. A unique laboratory setup to characterize the composition, size, morphology, and density of aerosol particles and to measure CCN activity of these particles will be used to characterize and understand secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation/evolution mechanisms and yields from atmospherically relevant precursor gases oxidized by hydroxyl and hydroperoxyl radicals and ozone. Multi-step heterogeneous oxidation of atmospherically relevant organic compounds will also be studied. The results will provide information necessary to characterize chemical composition of SOA from given precursors and to accurately represent their CCN proclivity.

The principal investigators (PIs) will actively participate in an initiative funded by the Gelfand Family Charitable Trust to mentor science students in four Boston inner city high schools, a program guided by the TSIP concept (Teaching Science through the Inquiry Process). Students will be mentored in small groups and in one-on-one settings with the aim of helping them prepare science fair projects. Two of the schools have science fairs already (Monument High School and The Engineering School). In the other two, working with the teachers and students, the PIs will help organize such fairs. The vehicle for potential science discussions will be current environmental issues with a specific focus on the atmosphere.

Effective start/end date9/15/098/31/13


  • National Science Foundation: $196,832.00


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