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Proposal Title: Collaborative Research: Multigrid QCD at the Petascale Institution: Trustees of Boston University Abstract Date: 10/10/07 0749300 Brower 0749202 Brannick 0749317 McCormick Numerical solutions to Quantum Chromodynamcs on a lattice are critical to high precision experimental tests of the standard model and an ab-initio understanding of nuclear matter. The core of these calculations involves inverting a Dirac matrix which becomes increasingly ill conditioned as the lattice is refined. Consequently while Terascale computing hardware has exposed this new physics, it is incapable of fully accommodating it. On the other hand, if lattice QCD algorithms are reformulated to exploit and reveal the physics at this finer microsale, Petascale hardware does have the potential for opening up a new era of physics discovery. This award brings together a close collaboration of leading experts in applied mathematics and theoretical physics to meet this challenge by the application of new multi-level algorithms for QCD simulations. The central mission of the proposed Multigrid Quantum Chromodynamics at the Petascale project (MGQCD) is: to develop new and significantly more robust multigrid methods for enabling more complex and higher fidelity physics for lattice QCD calculations; to support their migration into Petascale simulations; and to engage the broader scientific community through collaborative research and educational activities that highlight the multigrid methodology. NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION Proposal Abstract

Effective start/end date12/1/0711/30/12


  • National Science Foundation: $368,201.00
  • National Science Foundation: $368,201.00


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