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The overall objective of this core grant is enhance vision research at
Yale University. By providing five key support modules, this grant will
enhance the ongoing research projects of individual investigators by
providing facilities and expertise that cannot be supported by individual
research grants. The modules will also serve to promote and facilitate
collaborative interactions between investigators and will encourage pilot
projects from which specific research proposals can be developed.
Finally, the modules of this core grant will serve as an invaluable
resource for trainees of the Yale Visual Sciences Training Program which
sponsors both pre- and postdoctoral fellows.

The specific modules proposed in this application include a machine shop
and a photography module, both of which serve obvious functions. A
tissue culture/hybridoma module will provide complete facilities for the
initiation and maintenance of small and large scale cultures of both
primary cells and cell lines. It will also provide a service for
production and bulk growth of monoclonal antibodies. A
pharmacology/tissue preparation module will provide eye tissues and cell
preparations of reproducible quality for a number of investigators. A
chemistry/molecular biology module will provide and maintain specialized
shared equipment such as scintillation counters, ultracentrifuges FPLC
and HPLC systems. In addition it will serve as a resource for Vision
Center Investigators by providing vectors and bacterial strains as well
as oligonucleotides for PCR, sequencing and binding studies.
Effective start/end date5/1/924/30/93


  • National Eye Institute

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