Crystallization and Structure Formation in Model Polymer Blends

  • Runt, James Patrick (PI)

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The key factors controlling the soid-state microstructure and crystallization of polymer blends are less well understood than those of neat semi-crystalline systems, due in part to the inherent complexity of such mixtures. Recent work by the PI (using principally small angle x-ray scattering measurements) on model melt-miscible blends containing weakly-and strongly-interacting amorphous polymers has provided insight into the factors that influence the final microstructure in these systems. This initial work, along with other preliminary experiments, point to a number of important directions for further research.

The proposed research falls into two main areas. The primary focus is on developing a fundamental understanding of crystallization and microstructure development of poly(ethylene oxide) [PEO' in model blends. This aspect of the work will be conducted primarily using simultaneous small-and wide-angle x-ray scattering experiments. In addition, the PI will undertake a parallel study of the kinetics of spherulitic growth of PEO in blends, with particular emphasis on the influence of strong intermolecular interactions. The second focus area concerns the relationship between the solid-state structure of single crystalline and melt-crystallized PEO and blends, and their dielectric relaxation behavior. The principles derived from this work should be completlely general and provide a basis for optimal tailoring of properties in multicomponent polymer systems.

Effective start/end date6/1/996/30/03


  • National Science Foundation: $279,000.00


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