Development of Additive Manufacturing for Ceramic Matrix Composite Vanes

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Pennsylvania State University will mature additive manufacturing (AM) of ceramic matrix composite (CMC) airfoils with complex internal cooling features using a polymer precursor matrix pre-impregnated with ceramic fiber filaments. The project will demonstrate the ability to 3D print relevant turbine features in SiOC, develop and characterize new silicon carbide (SiC) precursor materials for AM, and develop design tools that can enable a complex cooled CMC vane capable of operation at firing temperatures of 3100°F. The goal is to develop new insight into how AM can enable transformative levels of performance in CMC airfoils. The project interlinks research tasks that converge to a CMC vane with optimal material properties and complex cooling design features that are not currently possible through other manufacturing methods. It will be enabled by AM, novel materials processing, computational optimization, and iterative design and experimental feedback. Expected project outcomes include the development and evaluation of a CMC AM process for gas turbine components that enables cooled gas turbine component shapes while retaining many benefits of CMCs, including temperature tolerance and toughness.
Effective start/end date9/1/198/31/23


  • National Energy Technology Laboratory: $852,250.00


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