Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Research on the Dynamics of Issue Agenda Change Among a Population of Social Movement Organizations, 1960-2000.

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This dissertation research will investigate changes between 1960 and 2000 in issue agendas of environmental social movements. Annual data will be coded for the almost 500 environmental organizations listed in the Encyclopedia of Associations. Issues have been grouped into seventeen categories based on activities described in the Encyclopedia. Issue agendas are expected to vary as a result of variations in organizational structure (e.g., local, participatory movements versus international organizations), tactics (ten overlapping categories such as electoral, legal, and direct action), other organizational characteristics such as size and location, influences from the international environmental movement, legislative successes and debates, media attention, and foundation support.

Effective start/end date5/1/024/30/04


  • National Science Foundation: $7,496.00


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