Educating media and congressional staff and deepening public understanding on findings from the Maternal and Infant Home Visiting Program Evaluation

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This grant supports the Association of State and Tribal Home Visiting Initiatives (ASTHVI) in facilitating a team of experts to educate media and congressional staffs about ongoing research supporting innovation in home visiting programs and in deepening the public's understanding of the soon-to-be-released outcomes of the congressionally mandated randomized controlled study of the Maternal, Infant, Early Childhood Home Visiting program. This study has become known as the Maternal and Infant Home Visiting Program Evaluation, or MIHOPE. Through this project, ASTHVI will translate the findings from this study and broadly elevate the evidence base for home visiting. ASTHVI will: (1) create and manage an advisory committee comprising state officials researchers, and communications experts to guide this project; (2) prepare technical summaries of selected evaluations; (3) produce a white paper for a congressional and lay audience to present stories and relevant research; (4) facilitate up to six congressional briefings; and (5) develop and execute a communications strategy that will include messaging and media outreach and will deliver assets such as a message guide, with documents on evidence-based talking points and frequently asked questions.

Effective start/end date1/1/166/30/22


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