Empowering Mathematics Teachers in Computer-Intensive Environments

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The Pennsylvania State University will conduct a three-year project to empower 300 middle and high school mathematics teachers in computer-intensive environments and to prepare teachers for implementing computer intensive curricula in general and computer-intensive algebra in particular. The project will engage participants through four components: a computer-intensive mathematics course, a mathematics education course in understanding student understanding, a practicum involving teaches as researchers, and classroom implementation addressing issues in the teaching and learning of mathematics in computer-intensive environments. These components will be accomplished through four-week intensive summer courses, follow-up activities during the school year, a year-long practicum for a subset of the teachers implementing computer- intensive algebra, and support for all teachers during their first year of implementation. In addition, this teacher enhancement model will study the effects of teacher- implemented, task-based interviews and computer-active testing on their understanding of student understanding. Participants will be recruited nationwide, with targeted areas of Washington, DC, Chicago and San Francisco. Participants may elect to receive eight graduate credits. In addition to the first-wave participants, an additional 900 second-wave participants will be effected through enactment of roles as computer-intensive facilitators, bringing the total numbers of teachers enhanced to 1200. In working in a computer-intensive environment, participants will learn new teaching roles -- roles that will deemphasize training in routine skills and emphasize computer-based exploration of mathematical concepts. They will develop new strategies for assessing student learning and for assigning grades. Pennsylvania State and participating schools' cost- sharing accounts for 8% of the NSF budget.

Effective start/end date2/15/928/31/97


  • National Science Foundation: $999,317.00


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