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The overall goal of this research proposal is to perform a demonstration
and a critical appraisal of a new information resource, the Clinical
Data Repository (CDR) in a pilot site, the University of Virginia Heart
Center. The CDR was developed by University of Virginia Health System
(UVAHS) staff [Scully, Pates, Desper, Connors, Harrell, Pieper, Hannan,
and Reynolds, in pres] and results from merging five legacy databases:
1) three years of inpatient billing and administrative data from
approximately 75,000 hospital admissions; 2) a cardiac surgery clinical
database; 3) physician billing data, inpatient and outpatient; 4) the
statewide Virginia Health Information (VHI) database of hospital
performance indicators; and 5) the University HealthSystems Consortium
(UHC) patient-level database of discharge abstract information. This
research project will test and evaluate the capabilities and the
limitations of the CDR in answering specific questions related to
clinical effectiveness; assess the perceptions of clinicians and
managers of the value of the information provided for improving clinical
or management processes; and make recommendations for improving the CDR
as an information resource for improving patient care and health
services management. The long term goal is to create a comprehensive
database for both clinical research and administrative reporting.
Effective start/end date2/1/987/31/99


  • U.S. National Library of Medicine
  • U.S. National Library of Medicine


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