Families as Partners in Homeless Drug Abuse Services

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Homeless adults have disproportionate rates of drug use disorders, especially
those dually diagnosed with other mental disorders. Drug use disorders are
significantly associated with homelessness, early onset of homelessness,
protracted homelessness, and housing instability. However, the homeless
population does not fully utilize drug abuse treatment. Previous research has
identified family involvement as an important predictor of treatment outcomes
and housing among homeless populations. A variety of educational group
intervention models for families have demonstrated effectiveness.

An experienced, multidisciplinary research team in social science and medicine
will develop a family-based intervention against drug abuse, pilot this
intervention, and develop methods that can be used to evaluate the success of
this intervention. This project strives to apply research to practice in order
to reduce and reverse adverse consequences of drug abuse and homelessness. The
proposed intervention, empowering families as partners against drug abuse, is
based on responsive educational groups for relatives of persons who are
homeless and abusing drugs.

This project will develop educational groups for 25 family pairs, one homeless
person meeting diagnostic criteria for drug abuse disorder and one close
relative, helping families engage their drug abusing relatives in treatment and
recovery. This project will test methods for assessing intervention outcomes,
surveying both homeless individuals and their relatives before and after they
attend multifamily groups. For homeless drug abusers, this project will measure
primary outcomes, including severity of drug use disorder, housing status, and
use of health and social services. For relatives, this project will measure
secondary problems related to drug abuse, including family burdens, social
support, social costs, health and social service use. This study will
contribute to our knowledge of recovery from drug abuse in homeless
populations, which can be improved by a strong and supported family.
Effective start/end date8/5/017/31/03


  • National Institute on Drug Abuse: $77,000.00
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse: $77,000.00


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