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Project Summary/Abstract ?The Virus Structure and Assembly Conference,? organized as part as the FASEB Science Research Conference series, has been running biennially since 1990 and has become the premier meeting for structural virology, attracting investigators at every career level from around the world. The conference covers studies of a broad range of bacterial and eukaryotic viruses, with a focus on virus structure and structure-based studies of macromolecular assembly pathways, mechanisms of virus entry, virus-host interactions, and viral replication. Related topics such as viral genomics and evolution, therapeutics, vaccines and nanotechnological applications are also covered. Since inception, The Virus Structure and Assembly Conference has seen tremendous advances in viral genomics, biophysics and single molecular approaches, and structural biology, especially cryo-electron microscopy. Today, these approaches allow detailed analysis of viral structure at the molecular and even atomic level. These basic scientific studies provide a firm footing on which viral diseases and host defenses can be understood, complement in vivo studies, and promote the development of novel therapeutics. The Virus Structure and Assembly Conference is unique for its broad focus on virus systems and experimental methodologies, which encourages inter-disciplinary approaches, stimulates collaborations and supports the rapid transfer of technology to studies of different viruses. Our scientific program includes top investigators in all areas of structural virology from around the world, 35% of whom are new to the conference. As well as presentations of cutting-edge results, the meeting allows ample opportunity for scientific discussions with speakers and among participants, encouraging the flow of new ideas and new collaborations. An important focus is on encouraging young scientists, students and postdocs to develop their scientific careers through advice and contacts. In 2020 we will have daily ?Meet the Expert? sessions, two ?flash talk? sessions in which poster presenters give brief 5 minute introductions to their posters, and some posters will be selected for 15 minute platform talks. We also plan a career development workshop emphasizing non-academic careers, and a ?power hour? focused on women and underrepresented groups in science. We believe that with our exciting program, the 2020 Virus Structure and Assembly Conference will be another top-quality meeting in this series.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/22


  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: $9,000.00


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