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The long-term goal of this research proposal is to gain an understanding of the
molecular events associated with the modulation of N-type Ca2+ channels by
Gbetagamma subunits. The main hypothesis to be tested is that the subunit
composition of the Gbetagamma dimer, i.e., specific combinations of Gbeta and
Ggamma confer specificity in regard to voltage-dependent N-type Ca2+ channel
modulation. Accordingly, the specific aims are 1) to identify which G protein
beta subunit produces voltage-dependent N-type Ca2+ channel inhibition in rat
sympathetic neurons; 2) to determined which G protein betagamma combinations
confer specificity for voltage-dependent N-type Ca2+ channel modulation; and 3)
to identify the G protein beta and gamma subunits that are natively expressed
in rat sympathetic neurons by employing the Western blotting method. By
employing electrophysiological, molecular, and biochemical methods, the role of
the Gbetagamma composition in modulation of Ca2+ channels will be delineated
and better understood.

Voltage-dependent modulation of N-type Ca2+ channels has been demonstrated in a
wide variety of neurons from both the central and peripheral nervous system.
Although most studies are performed on the neuron soma, there is evidence from
direct studies of nerve terminals to support the idea that this form of
modulation plays an important role in presynaptic mechanisms of synatic
transmission. Thus there is substantial interest in furthering our
understanding of the molecular events which contribute to N-type Ca2+ channel
Effective start/end date5/22/005/21/01


  • National Institute of Mental Health: $40,936.00

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