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Gangliosides have been found to enhance neuritogenesis by neuroblastoma cel
in vitro , and to enhance nerve regeneration in vivo. Recently the
oligosaccharide moieties of gangliosides have also been found to enhance
neuritogenesis by neuroblastoma cells, suggesting the presence of a cell
surface receptor. This hypothesis is supported by the observation that viab
neural retina cells can bind to gangliosides adsorbed to plastic via a
trypsin sensitive mechanism. This proposal asks two fundamental questions
concerning these observations: 1) how much exogenous ganglioside actually
reaches the lesioned area within the brain where it putatively enhances
neuritogenesis?; and 2) how does the ganglioside interact with the
neuroblastoma or neuron? To answer the first question autoradiographic
experiments will be carried out to determine the distribution of labeled
ganglioside in the brains of lesioned and unlesioned rats. To answer the
second question, experiments will be carried out to determine whether
ganglioside responsive neuroblastoma cells have cell surface receptors
capable of recognizing the oligosaccharide moiety of the appropriate gangli
side. If receptors are identified they will be isolated and characterized.
Primary cultures of neurons will also be assayed for the presence of
ganglioside-oligosaccharide cell surface receptors. To determine the effect
of this interaction on "differentiation" properties defined as associated
with neuronal maturation will be monitored. To determine a possible mechani
for transmitting the binding into an intracellular response, the effect of
the ganglioside and the corresponding oligosaccharide on the phosphorylatio

activity of the cell plasma membranes will be determined.
Effective start/end date4/1/933/31/94


  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

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