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I propose to investigate the functions encoded by the yeast plasmid, 2mu circle,
and determine the mechanism by which expression of these functions is achieved.
One approach is analogous to a strict genetic analysis. I will introduce small
deletions in vitro into coding regions of 2mu circle species, into a
nonessential region of which has been inserted in the LEU2 gene of yeast to
allow selection of the mutated plasmid in yeast. These mutated plasmids will be
introduced into circle plus or circle minus yeast strains, by transformation.
The resulting transformants will be examined to determine whether the plasmid
has lost the ability to enhance transformation, replicate, or catalyze
intramolecular recombination, and, if so, whether this loss of function can be
complemented by genes present on endogenous 2mu circle. A complementary
approach to this will be to transform circle plus and circle minus yeast strains
with hybrid pBR322-LEU2 plasmids containing various restricting fragments of 2mu
circle to determine whether the presence of the 2mu circle sequences will
promote enhanced transformation by and/or replication of the hybrid plasmid in
yeast. This approach will also allow the localization and definition of the 2mu
circle origin of replication. In addition, I propose to develop several assays
for 2mu circle encoded proteins to permit their purification. In this way the
enzymatic activities of these proteins can be correlated with their functions as
determined above.
In a second series of experiments, I will examine transcription of 2mu circle to
determine whether, as our previous data has suggested, 2mu circle specific
messenger RNAs are derived by processing larger precursor transcripts and
whether expression of specific messenger RNA is determined by the intramolecular
recombination observed in 2mu circle. Specifically, these experiments involve
introducing transcriptional steps into various regions of the molecule and
examining the pattern of transcripts derived from the resultant plasmids.

Thus, these experiments will serve to broaden our understanding of mechanisms of
gene expression in eucaryotes. In addition, these results will promote the
analysis of eucaryotic DNA replication by enhancing the value of 2mu circle as a
model system.
Effective start/end date9/1/858/31/86


  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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