• Pearl, Dennis Keith (PI)
  • Chang, Long-Sheng (PI)
  • Prior, Thomas (PI)
  • Mamrak, Sandra (PI)
  • Schwartzbaum, Judith (PI)
  • Newton, Herbert (PI)
  • Yates, Alan (PI)

Project: Research project


There is a group of independent investigators at OSU with interests that
span basic, preclinical and clinical aspects of brain tumor research.
Funds from this Feasibility Grant plus considerable institutional support
(contingent upon funding for this grant) will permit our group to establish
three major components essential to develop into a cohesive Center with the
theme of "glioma growth control". For the first 3 years (Phase I) the
major goals are the following: 1. Support interactive research projects of three new investigators who are
bringing necessary breadth and depth to the group's expertise in the areas
of molecular biology, flow cytometry, and epidemiology. These projects are
all designed to develop the Center's theme of "glioma growth control", and
they will be used as a test system for the Neuro-Oncology Translator and
Information System. 2. Develop a Neuro-Oncology Translator and Information System that will
provide easy access and sharing of data among distributed, heterogeneous
neuro-oncology databases. It will be tested with data generated from the
three new, interactive research projects and heterogeneous databases
distributed throughout the neuro-oncology community as OSU. By the end of
Phase-I, it will be functional within our Center and ready to distribute to
other institutions, permitting easy sharing of data among collaborating
Brain Tumor Research Centers. 3. Establish three core units (Molecular Biology; Neuropathology;
Biostatistics) that will provide needed support to all of the new and
several established research projects studying glioma growth control. The addition of these components to the existing excellent clinical and
research facilities in a rich academic milieu will provide the essential
ingredients to transform a group of independent investigators and
clinicians with a common interest in glioma growth control into a
coordinated, integrated Brain Tumor Research Center.
Effective start/end date9/1/928/31/96


  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institutes of Health


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