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We are requesting support for a Gordon Conference on Extrachromosomal
Elements, to be held at Plymouth School July 1 - 5, 1991. The
Extrachromosomal Elements Gordon Conference will provide a unique forum for
the interchange of ideas among several groups working on parallel problems
in biology but who have few occasions for overlap. These groups include
those working on prokaryotic plasmid replication and partitioning, on
various aspects of viral replication and proliferation, on DNA
transposition, and on various steps in the eukaryotic cell cycle, including
DNA replication, nuclear biogenesis, and chromosome segregation. While
each of these groups is served by a number of specialized meetings during
the year, no single meeting brings all of these topics together. This
potential for novel and productive interchanges seems to us to be one of
the most valuable benefits of a scientific meeting.
Effective start/end date7/1/916/30/92


  • National Institutes of Health


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