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DESCRIPTION Gynecologic disorders are so common and problematic
that more than a third of American women eventually undergo hysterectomy as
treatment for these conditions. Each year more than 4 + million American women
experience a gynecologic disorder, generating more than 11 million physician
office visits. However, little is known about the economic consequences of
gynecologic disorders, particularly as concerns outpatient health care
utilization and expenditures. In addition, little attention has been paid to
the effects of socioeconomic factors such as patient income, insurance
coverage, and ethnicity on health care utilization and expenditures for these
conditions. The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) uses a population
based sampling frame and prospectively tracks health care utilization and
expenditures among participants. The MEPS is a uniquely valuable data set
because it provides information on health care utilization, medical care
expenditures, sources of payment and insurance coverage for a representative
sample of the noninstitutionalized population of American citizens, which is
obtained via repeated interviews. There have been surprisingly few studies in
the national data sets on the use of health care services for gynecologic
disorders. Consequently, even basic information on medical care expenditures
among women with gynecologic disorders in the US is not available. It is
critically important that studies be conducted in national data sets on health
care utilization and expenditures pertinent to gynecologic disorders in order
to further our understanding of the economic impact of these common conditions
and provide policymakers with the ability to measure the impact of system
changes on issues of importance to women?s health. Utilizing the 1997 MEPS
this study will provide estimates of the health care utilization and
expenditures among American women who have one or more gynecologic disorders,
estimate the incremental health care utilization and expenditures associated
with the presence of one or more gynecologic disorders, and measure the impact
of socioeconomic and demographic factors on health care utilization and
expenditures among women with these disorders. This study will be the first
study to estimate health care utilization for different categories of
utilization and expenditures across a range of common gynecologic disorders
and will provide information of high potential significance to the health care
Effective start/end date9/30/029/29/04


  • National Institutes of Health

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