Instrumentation for Flow Cytometry/Cell Sorting

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DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The ability to accurately analyze and
isolate specific sub-populations of cells from complex mixtures, whether
naturally-occurring or genetically engineered subpopulations, is crucial to a
variety of research projects at the Penn State College of Medicine. While the
services of the shared core facilities in the Section of Technology Development
and Research Resources have a long and successful history, some of the original
instrumentation with which our shared facilities were initiated is in dire need
of replacement. This proposal requests funds to replace our obsolete 18
year-old EPICS V flow cytometer/sorter with a new Cytomation MoFlo instrument
capable of doing the multi-color analyses and high-speed sorting necessary for
the next stages of several ongoing research projects here. The upgrading of our
flow cytometer/sorter instrumentation will enable us to re-initiate sorting
services in our shared Core Facilities, which have not been available due to
the limited capacities of our current sorter and its frequent downtime. This
limitation has led our researchers to either go elsewhere for their cell
sorting needs (a ninety mile drive to our State College campus), or to find
alternate, less-than-optimal solutions to addressing their research aims. The
requested instrument will perform the four color analysis, 3 and 4-color
sorting, and the high speed sorting currently unavailable at our institution
yet required by the major users group named in the proposal. The requested
instrument will be used by numerous investigators, including the six who are
included as the major users group in this proposal.
Effective start/end date4/1/023/31/03


  • National Center for Research Resources: $205,419.00


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