Kokes Award for the 24th North American Catalysis Society Meeting

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This grant partially supports the travel and lodging of US students and their registration at the biennial NACS meeting, which is among the most notorious conferences in the fields of catalysis, surface science, and reaction engineering in North America, attracting forefront researchers from around the world. The merit-based eligibility criteria for undergraduates and graduate students include a presentation at the meeting. The meeting brings together established researchers, who present their latest work, and students, who discuss their own work and get guidance. Typically, 220 applications are received and 40% are funded with support from DOE and other agencies. This participation encourages students to pursue scientific achievement and technological innovation in the future. Catalysis benefits numerous fields, including energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly chemical processes, fuel cell and battery performance, alternative fuel production, and enhanced utilization of biorenewable resources.
Effective start/end date2/1/151/31/16


  • Basic Energy Sciences


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