Learning as Playing: An Animated, Interactive Archive of 17th-19th Century Narrative Media For and By Children

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Development of an animated, interactive, web-based archive of selected 17th -19th century moveable flap books by and for children on the theme of transformation. 'Learning as Playing' is a digital planning/discovery project proposed by The Pennsylvania State University (Curriculum & Instruction, Art Education, University Libraries, and Information Technology Services/ITS) and the Cotsen Children's Library, Princeton University. The goal is to develop an animated, interactive, web-based archive of selected 17th-19th century movable books by and for children on the theme of transformation, with a start-up project on flap books. These rare, fragile, little documented artifacts combine aspects of book, print and toy, and contain movable parts. The digital innovation will enable a viewer to simulate the experience of playing with these texts by 'virtual touch,' preserving the originals. This project will change how the history of children's literature is understood to move from 'instruction to delight' by showing how texts 'of play' have been produced since the earliest manufacture. It will be a scholarly and teaching resource.
Effective start/end date7/1/1012/31/13


  • National Endowment for the Humanities: $45,653.00


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