Mathematical Sciences: Mills College Summer Mathematics Institute 1992, 1993, 1994

  • Blum, Lenore (PI)
  • Henkin, Leon (CoPI)
  • Nolan, Deborah (CoPI)
  • Katok, Svetlana (CoPI)
  • Givant, Steven (CoPI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


This project will support a six week summer program for 24 women undergraduates, selected nationwide, which would provide them with an intensive immersion in mathematics designed to motivate them and strengthen their preparation for entrance into a doctoral program in mathematics after graduation. The program will also seek to broaden and strengthen the efforts of the nation's mathematics faculty to encourage more women to major in mathematics and to direct the most promising students to graduate school. The program will also encourage participating students to serve as leaders in mathematical activities among their peers at their own institutions. Finally, data will be gathered and analyzed with a view to clarifying the reasons why many fewer women mathematics majors than men currently go on to doctoral programs in mathematics.

Effective start/end date5/15/9210/31/95


  • National Science Foundation: $538,940.00


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