• Mailman, Richard (PI)
  • Stern, Robert (PI)
  • Garbutt, James (PI)
  • Mason, George (PI)
  • Golden, Robert (PI)
  • Carson, Stanley (PI)
  • Prange, Arthur J. (PI)
  • Richardson, William (PI)
  • Lieberman, Jeffrey (PI)
  • Charles, Hal (PI)
  • Muller, Keith (PI)
  • Silva, Susan (PI)
  • Perkins, Diana O. (PI)

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This application seeks funding for the 14th to 18th years, inclusive, of
the NIMH CRC at UNC-Chapel Hill. The requested funds would allow the CRC
to continue its evolution as a core-based center and to continue to
strengthen its research in the cause and treatment of major mental
disorders. These include mood disorders, alcoholism, anxiety disorder,
schizophrenia, movement disorders, and the neural and mental consequences
of HIV infection. The theoretical base for the proposed research is founded in
psychoendocrinology. However, as interest and opportunity have allowed,
the base has extended to other disciplines. Research is performed through
the agency of five scientific programs: the Psychoendocrinology Program;
the Psychopharmacology Program; the Psychoimmunology Program; the
Psychophysiology Program; the Reproductive and Developmental Psychobiology
Program. Each program consists of a set of interlocking relationships;
some of these form bridges between programs. The work of the scientific programs and of selected start-up projects is
supported by eight core groups; the Administrative Core; the Clinical
Research Support Core; the Neurobehavioral Assessment Core; the Endocrine
Assay Laboratory; the Psychoneuroimmunology Laboratory; the Bioanalytical
Laboratory; the Data Management and Biostatistics Core; the Computer
Support Core. Only the Neurobehavioral Assessment Core is new. It was
nurtured within the Clinical Research Support Core until it had
demonstrated its viability and its importance to the Center and was then
split off. An outstanding asset of the Center is the Clinical Research Unit at
Dorothea Dix Hospital, where patients can be housed for intensive and
extensive study at no cost to the federal government. This facility, the
wards of the Department of Psychiatry, and the General Clinical Research
Center at UNC offer an outstanding nexus of opportunities for clinical
investigations in psychiatric inpatients, outpatients, selected medical
population, and health volunteers. The Administrative Committee within the Administrative Core is the main
executive unit of the Center. It interfaces with the cores and the
scientific programs on the one hand and on the other hand with the
Department of Psychiatry, Dix Hospital, the General CRC and the Advisory
Board of the Center. The Advisory Board, the Administrative Committee and
all Center members meet in a full-day off-campus retreat each November. The Center has a major investment in training as well as in research. This
has been enormously advanced by the funding in the UNC Department of
Psychiatry of a NIMH Clinical Research Fellowship Training grant, in 1988.
Effective start/end date7/1/795/31/02


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