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The 'Mid-Atlantic Center for Mathematics Teaching and Learning' (CMTL) is a consortium led by members of the mathematics and education faculties of three research universities and three school-system partners -- the University of Delaware, the University of Maryland, the Pennsylvania State University, the Delaware State Department of Education, the Prince George's County (MD) Public Schools, and the Pittsburgh (PA) Public Schools. The University of Maryland is the designated grantee institution. The CMTL addresses the shortage of mathematics education professionals through two major sets of activities:

*Design, operate, and evaluate an innovative prototype for doctoral and postdoctoral education of specialists in mathematics teacher education, curriculum, development, policy leadership and mathematics education research.

*Develop, evaluate, and disseminate models for mathematics education of pre-service teachers and professional development of in-service teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools.

The specialists training draws upon the combined resources of faculty and students from the three participating universities. Courses, research experiences and field experiences are provided that go far beyond the capability of each institution separately. The program for specialists is be characterized by three major elements:

* Breadth and depth of knowledge in mathematics and its applications.

* Knowledge of mathematics teaching and learning.

*Scholarly Skills.

The education of pre-service teachers and the professional development of in-service teachers are a joint effort involving each of the universities and its school partner. Mathematics and Education faculty at the University of Delaware work with staff from the Delaware State Department of Education to improve pre-service education for elementary and middle school teachers. Mathematicians and mathematics educators at Penn State work with doctoral fellows and mathematics teacher leaders to develop college-level courses focusing on foundational ideas from secondary mathematics for prospective high school teachers. These courses are revised with the help of teachers from the Pittsburgh Public schools to be suitable for courses for in-service teachers. The University of Maryland and Prince George's County Public Schools cooperate to formulate and evaluate a model for professional development for middle school teachers that develops school-based leaders and evaluates their efforts to effect instructional change in schools.

Effective start/end date9/1/008/31/07


  • National Science Foundation: $9,575,724.00


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