Modular Towed Array for Acoustic and Oceanographic Research

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This proposal is to provide the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at The Pennsylvania State University with a towed acoustic line a'rray for ship-based data collection. This system would greatly enhance ARL~s experimental esearch capabilities, their scientific contributions to the underwater acoustics community, and their ability to attract underwater acoustics graduate students and provide them with at-sea field experience. Additionally, ARL~s acquisition of this system is crucial to maintain the experimental capabilities of ONR~s Code 322 Ocean Acoustics (OA) program and additional ONR programs with interests in active and passive sonar, acoustical oceanography, rapid environmental assessment, etc. This proposal would also leverage the unique experience in acoustic research array design of the Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) in La Spezia, Italy. CMRE~s long history of towed array development in addition to their unique knowledge of ONR-OA~s scientific requirements make them the ideal source for this hardware proc'urement.

Effective start/end date3/1/193/1/19


  • Office of Naval Research: $1,069,900.00


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