Case Study Resources for an Undergraduate Course on Human-Computer Interaction

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Computer Science (31)

This project develops and evaluates case study resources as an essential component of undergraduate human-computer interaction (HCI) instruction. The emphasis is on initial development and prototype evaluation. The work is integrated with an HCI textbook project already under development with a commercial publisher. The textbook differs dramatically from current offerings, interleaving the presentation of HCI content with a comprehensive scenario- based framework for the development of interactive systems. A key innovation of the new textbook is its use of a case study to introduce and exemplify the analysis, design, and evaluation framework. The project enhances this case study approach, by developing richer and more flexible online materials, and by building cases from three additional problem domains. The project leverages ongoing research on scenario-based development methods and incorporates the methodology concepts into undergraduate education. It also highlights the use of information technology in undergraduate education, for both content access and student project support.

Effective start/end date1/1/0112/31/02


  • National Science Foundation: $64,747.00


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